Moving in a new direction

Moving in a new direction

I’ve reached a decision that now is the time to pour all my efforts into a role where I can be passionate about my daily work as a marketing, public relations, communications director, product manager or media producer in the automobile industry. (Updated July 31, 2012)

I have held a long-time interest in being closely engaged in a professional role in the automotive industry.  Professionally, my core talent includes marketing, public relations, event management, change/crisis management, strategic planning, web development, sales and product development. I’ve managed teams, organized hundreds of volunteers, coordinated detailed logistics in extreme conditions, led financial planning for corporate to small businesses and communicate well with people of all types from customers to C-level executives.

These core abilities are complimented by a personal deep knowledge and interest in cars, aviation and motorcycles. I’ve reached a decision that now is the time to fuse and focus my strengths in a role where I will be passionate about my daily work. There is much more to my story, but this summarizes my professional goal.

My general resume for all to see:
Contact me directly via email:

Ideal features of the company I’m looking to join:

  1. Anything related to the automobile industry.
    (Manufacturer, Auto Magazine, Trade Shows, etc.)

Ideas and content that I love:

  1. My first passion is and has always been CARS. Until now, I’ve been so focused on my internet career that the love of automobiles has played second fiddle. So, if given a choice, my heart will always be most into anything that combines love of cars and a truckload of online experience.
  2. Branding. One of the biggest thrills is to grow a business and its brand awareness. Today more than ever, a company needs in-house strategic guidance from someone that has a very diverse background to navigate the shifting sands of media, audiences, devices and markets.
  3. Creative and bright people. Nothing makes the day more exciting than being part of a team of really smart colleagues. I love the challenge, whether it is creative, intellectual or even social.
  4. All things new media. I truly love the race of keeping up with new devices, distribution ideas, clever marketing tricks and the never ending battle of knowing where to find the audience.


Help me help you.

Cliché? Yeah, just a little bit. In all seriousness, I am a very unique (which is not a 4 letter word) combination of experience, interests and skills. What I bring is an extremely valuable strategic direction, hands on capabilities and balanced work-life vision aimed at creating a positive, productive and wealth generating environment. All I need is to find the right team and a CEO that feels the same way I do.




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