Liberte de vol

Mazda Miata and Gardan GY-80-180

Liberte de vol

Mazda Miata and Gardan GY-80-180

In yet another new chapter, a 1968 Gardan GY80 has been added to the list of interesting vehicles in my life. If I can maintain some discipline, I hope to journal the story of this plane, its history and the journey I take to keep it flying.

A Fellow Gardan owner

Robin Johansson

As I started researching this plane, before purchasing it…I was inspired by a few connections, content and links to information. Robin has been an absolutely amazing contact and fellow Gardan owner. It’s been great learning from his experience and I hope I can someday do the same for someone else.

Robin’s YouTube channel
Robin’s Instagram

1968 Sud Aviation Gardan GY-80-180 Horizon

Here are some of basic specifications and performance details of this unusual aircraft.


  • Chromoly tube chassis around passenger space and engine mounts
  • 4 passenger with baggage behind rear seat and hat rack
  • 2 doors
  • Retractable gear (partially)
  • Unique mechanical crank system lowers the flaps and landing gear simultaneously


  • Lycoming O-360-A3A, 180 HP, 4-cylinder engine
  • Hartzell constant speed propeller


  • Top speed: 155 mph
  • Cruise speed: 152 mph
  • Real-world cruise: 140 mph @ 9.5 gph
  • Over 1,025 lbs useful load
  • 52 gallons, 21 gal each wing, 10.5 gal rear tank under back seat
  • Real-world distance: @ 550-600 miles
  • Stall speed: 58 mph
  • Climb speed: 93 mph
  • Rate of climb: 850-900 ft/min

Gardan GY-80 Resources and Information

Owner’s Group (France)

Facebook Group for the Gardan GY80

L’Association des Propri√©taires & Amateurs d’Avions GARDAN

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